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If you’ve noticed your child tapping their foot along to the music in the car, watch them playing air guitar, or hear them singing along to their favorite songs, now is the time to give them the gift of music instruction! We offer lessons in piano, guitar, violin, drums, ukulele and voice.

Our music lessons are designed to help introduce the joy of playing music from the student's first lesson! First-time students learn the fundamentals – rhythm, note reading, technique – everything that will give them a solid foundation while they discover how much fun it is to play music!

Watch your child grow in confidence and skill as they sing or play their heart out!


* Our knowledgeable office staff help guide first-time music families through the process of selecting the right instructor to giving advice on renting/ purchasing an instrument and everything else in-between!

* Lessons are offered at a variety of times to fit your busy schedule

* Ongoing, flexible enrollment periods

* Private one-on-one instruction
that is tailored to meet your student's interests and learning style

* Certificates, wristbands, and trophies awarded for musical achievements

* Multiple opportunities throughout the year for your child to perform and share their progress with family and friends

* The cherished memories your child will make!

Free PDF: Questions Every Parent Should Ask When Choosing A Dance Studio
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"It has been an absolutely wonderful experience for our boys and both of them have learned an immense amount about not only their respective instruments, but also about the responsibility that comes with taking music lessons. They have also learned about key aspects of music appreciation and performance."

Give your child the gift of MUSIC and create cherished memories for years to come.

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