Santa Teresa Academy of Music & Dance Monthly Newsletter

July 2021

A Return to Normalcy

It looks like we’re finally, as a country, beginning to move on from the pandemic. Vaccination are up, cases are way down, and when I think back to March of 2020, it seems a world away. The numbers for Santa Clara County are looking good. As of July 7th, at least 85% of residents 12 and up have received at least the first vaccine and 75% are fully vaccinated.

As of Tuesday, June 15th, California is officially open. Yay!!!  Our teachers and many students have returned to in-person lessons and we are happy to welcome you back when you feel comfortable to return.

Things are relaxing in the state but we will continue to follow Social Distancing protocols within our studio.  The majority of our students are below the vaccination age so we will continue to make sure everyone stays safe. 

Please note that we will continue to enforce the following procedures:

· Lobby to remain closed -- only students and staff allowed in the building

· Mask use for everyone indoors

· Temperature checks and hand sanitizer upon entering the building

· No physical contact (this means no fist bumps, handshakes, high fives, etc)

· Keeping physical distance between students & students and students & staff

· Cleaning of instruments between students

· Frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces

· No food or drink allowed inside the building.


A number of parents have expressed how grateful they are that we will continue to do this and are being mindful of the health and safety of their children. 

Your trust in us that we are looking out for the best interest of your child and all others in our studio is of utmost importance to us.  We ask that you continue to respect our procedures and thank you for your support.

Craig Lynch, Director

Please Welcome New Students for January to May!

Vendant B.

Melissa B.

Lorena B.

Korie C.

Siya D.

Elodia D.

Rudy D.

Adhrit D.

Vaani D.

Joana D.

Shellie D.

Genesis G.

Emily H.

Athary J.

Arya K.

Aivy L.

Mateo L.

Nathan L.

Brody M.

Graham M.

Will M.

Frida M.

Chris M.

Ail M.

Aria N.

Nikol P.

Myrna P.

Adrika P.

Ravi P.

Amrita R.

Scarlett R.

Arjun R.

Sriya R.

Cailyn S.

Lily S.

Anya S.

Natalie S.

Sadie S.

Anastasia S.

Satvik S.

Juanita V.

Sora V.

Davina W.

Vivian Y.

Natalie Y.

Nathan Y.

Now Registering for Fall Classes!

Now’s the time to get registered for Fall! We’re currently experiencing an uptick in new students, so don’t wait until the end of summer to secure your lesson time - the prime time lesson slots are going fast! Music classes are offered in-person (with mask) or on Zoom, whichever you prefer. Dance classes are masked and social distanced. We’re looking forward to having you back and learning with us!

Important Upcoming Dates

August 11 - 17:  New Fall Dance Classes Start!

September 6:  Labor Day — Academy Closed

Tell Your Friends About STAMD and Earn Gift Cards!  

Do you know that you can earn unlimited gift cards from STAMD?  Let your friends know that STAMD is the best place to take music lessons or dance classes and make sure they mention your name when they register.  Your friend will receive a free registration and you will earn a gift card for every friend that you refer.

We have a selection on hand, including Starbucks, Target, Lowes, Le Boulanger or Baskin Robbins!

Student of the Month: Sonya N. (age 9)

 What are you studying at Santa Teresa Academy of Music and Dance?  



What kind of music do you listen to?

Hip hop and instrumental.


What are your hobbies?

I like to draw, shade and color, play on-line games and play with my pets.


What is your favorite food?  

Indian noodles!


What is your favorite movie?   

Up and the Karate Kid movies.


What is the coolest thing you have learned in your lessons so far?    

How to play the piece The Elephant and the Flea.


What do you want to be when you grow up?

Police officer.

Is Your Music Teacher Sold Out?

 Many of our teachers have almost full schedules!  If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a specific time, please contact our office staff.  If you are not a student yet, there are still limited lesson spots available.  

To inquire about openings for July please contact us at 408-226-8742 or

Mr. Quentin (drums & guitar): Monday - 2 spots / Thursday - 3 spots / Friday - SOLD OUT  

Mr. Craig (piano & guitar): Monday / Friday / Saturday - SOLD OUT  

Mr. Kris (guitar & ukulele): Tuesday - 2 spots / Wednesday - 2 spot / Thursday - SOLD OUT  

Mr. Jeremy (piano, guitar & voice): Tuesday - 3 spots / Wednesday - 2 spots /Thursday - 2 spots / Saturday - 2 spots  

Miss Mary (violin): Monday / Wednesday - SOLD OUT    

Miss Jessica (piano): Tuesday - 1 spot / Friday - SOLD OUT  

Miss Jane (piano): Tuesday - 2 spots / Wednesday - 1 spot / Thursday - 2 spots  

Mr. Joshua (piano): Monday / Thursday - SOLD OUT / Saturday - 1 spot    

Miss Lori (violin): Thursday - SOLD OUT / Saturday - 2 spots  

Mr. Angel (guitar & piano): Friday - 1 spot  

Mr. Nate (piano): Monday - 3 spots  

Miss Galina (guitar & voice): Friday - SOLD OUT / Saturday - 3 spots

What Other Rock Stars Thought of Jimi Hendrix

 “He was very self-effacing about his music, but when he picked up that guitar he was just a monster.” - Paul McCartney

“They’re claiming that grunge music finally put Seattle on the map, but, like, what map? I mean, we had Jimi Hendrix. Heck, what more do we want?” - Kurt Cobain

“Who I am as a guitarist is defined by my failure to become Jimi Hendrix. However far you stop on your climb to be like him, that’s who you are.” - John Mayer

“For me, the first shockwave was Jimi Hendrix. That was the major thing that shook everybody up over here (England). Even though we’d all established ourselves as fairly safe in the guitar field, he came along and reset all the rules in one evening.” - Jeff Beck

“It’s not a wonder to me that he recorded my songs, but rather that he recorded so few of them because they were all his.” - Bob Dylan

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